Does Toyota Sell a 4×4 SUV?

September 21st, 2018 by

Red Jeep Wrangler and Black Jeep Wrangler on Snowy Mountainside

If you’re in the market for a 4WD SUV, you may be thinking of those offered by Toyota — after all, the company does have a reputation for building solid vehicles. While these Sport Utility powerhouses will give you plenty of power for handling the winding roads and rugged terrain of the Mount Shasta wilderness, their bulk and weight would make trail driving difficult, if not impossible.

Toyota’s 4X4 SUVs

Toyota has three 4X4 SUVs, all large, bulky and inefficient, making them a poor choice if the road takes you from Redding to Red Bluff with any regularity:

  • Toyota 4Runner: The 4Runner is capable of 270-hp and offers just 21 mpg/highway fuel efficiency.
  • Toyota Sequoia: The Sequoia offers more power, with a 381-hp standard engine, but fuel efficiency tops out at 17 mpg/highway.
  • Toyota Landcruiser: The Land Cruiser has the same horsepower rating as the Sequoia but manages up to 18 mpg/highway fuel economy.

The Superior Jeep 4X4 System

Unlike Toyota SUVs, all Jeeps come with 4X4 systems. Moreover, Jeeps are lighter and more nimble on the trails — with vehicles like the Wrangler coming in at over 1,500 pounds less than the Sequoia. That weight reduction isn’t the only reason why Jeep 4X4 outperform the Toyota’s 4X4 systems, though. Jeep is renowned for the reliability and responsiveness of its 4X4 system, which includes much more than just a drivetrain:

  • Body-on-Frame: The fully boxed frame is strong, but flexible – perfect for off-roading.
  • Custom Differentials: Off-road front and rear differentials increase traction for a sure-footed ride.
  • Solid Axles: The Dana 44 axles on select models offer an additional level of power for serious adventurers.
  • Sway Bar Disconnect: For improved articulation during rock crawling and more challenging terrain, some Jeep vehicles have a front sway bar disconnect.

Drivers can also add features like front and rear skid plates and rock rails, which give the vehicles extra protection from damage during four-wheeling trips.

Jeep Vehicles with 4X4 Drivetrain

Unlike Toyota which offers just a few 4WD options, Jeep offers a wide range of off-road ready vehicles. These include:

And, if the range of 4WD options weren’t enough to bring you up from Yreka for a great deal on a Jeep, consider the niceties Jeep offers that Toyota 4X4s do not, including:

  • Manual Transmission
  • 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder Engine Options
  • Up to 26 mpg/highway Fuel Economy
  • Available 475-hp HEMI SRT V8
  • Trail-Rated Technology

If you’re serious about hitting the trails and really experiencing off-road performance, nothing but a Jeep will do. To learn more, or to check out our line of adventure-ready vehicles, drop by SJ Denham CDJR today.