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What are Some of the Spring Car Maintenance Tips?

Top 3 Car Maintenance Tips for Spring

Automobiles are necessary for modern living. Because we rely on them to transport us, we must properly care for the vehicle. Everybody takes care of their cars in a different way. We’ll look at some of the best car maintenance tips for spring in this blog post from SJ Denham CDJR in Mount Shasta, California.  

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Best Spring Car Maintenance Tips   

With the temperature rising, now is an excellent time to perform maintenance inspections on your car. Here are some pointers to assist you in preparing your vehicle for the season.  


You should take good care of your car’s tires because they are the most susceptible to wear and tear. To begin with, you should switch from your winter tires to regular ones. In addition to visually inspecting your tires, ensure they are not excessively or unevenly worn. Take your car in for tire replacement if you notice any abnormalities.

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Check your Brakes

When you push the brake pedal, does it create an odd noise? Or is the pedal soft to the touch? Any of these symptoms could be a sign that your brakes need repair. Having your car checked up at a licensed servicing facility is essential.   

Under the Hood Inspection

Under the hood, a few things need to be examined, including the coolant/radiator, belts, hoses, oil, and other fluids. Get your car checked by qualified mechanics if you notice any differences to prevent accidents. 

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Where Can I Take My Vehicle for Maintenance in Mount Shasta, CA?   

Visit SJ Denham CDJR in Mount Shasta, California, to have a skilled team of mechanics service and maintain your vehicle. At our dealership, we provide a wide range of auto maintenance services